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“Change is inevitable”. We hear this quite frequently. It may be true; however, it may not help us cope with constant change. Coping with change can require a variety of things given the circumstances in our life, yet one requirement is also constant while coping with change. Stillness. For us to recognize or accept change, we must be available to it. Stillness has allowed me the opportunity to let my mind and body be vulnerable to change.

I struggle with stillness at times, it has never been something that has come naturally or with comfort to me. I have had to start by practicing self-compassion and telling myself I am worthy of spending the time and efforts on myself. At times it has been more difficult, especially practicing in the field I do as my emotional cup is poured from frequently. Prioritizing myself and the relationship with myself is newer in my life and as I preach this to my clients, I also have to implement my own accountability.

I am a therapist that struggles with feelings sometimes. I can own that. I can accept that I am a therapist that has my own work to do with my therapist. I believe that change is an option only when we are ready to commit, which comes from a place of self-love and honoring our commitment to ourselves.

I hope with this season of change we are all able to rediscover self-love and be vulnerable to change.

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