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I have recently moved into another new phase of my life as my household has added a new puppy to the mix. I will admit I was skeptical of the addition of another dog since our first dog, Addy, has been in a single-dog home for some time now. But our new puppy, Wyatt, has been a welcomed addition to our home.

With the stages of potty training, chewing and biting, digging, and altogether chaos at times being challenging, now being about a month into a two-dog household I can notice the shift of patience in our home. I notice Addy allowing herself to take space away from him or expressing a boundary with a polite grumble. I notice my husband taking more deep breaths before he responds or pausing before gently reminding me that “Wyatt is still learning” and just needing time. I also notice my willingness to recognize mistakes happen and are going to happen, puppy or not.

New additions require patience.

Not only has Wyatt required patience as he is navigating a new home and growing pains, but also recognizing the level of patience required from myself, my husband, and Addy as we are all adjusting to another member in our home. It reminds me of how much patience is necessary throughout different stages in our lives, sometimes even more so in our day-to-day living. The things in life that take time also need patience.

Change also requires self-compassion and the acceptance that mistakes are inevitable and might be messy. Allowing yourself the opportunity to grow and learn from mistakes is also allowing yourself the opportunity for positive change. I believe that time equals change, and if we allow it, change equals pieces of joy. Brené Brown once said, “the most intimidating emotion humans can experience is joy because it also means hurt or disappointment is possible.” Practicing concepts like patience and the ability to slow down in life provides that access to experience joy.

Patience with Wyatt has granted joy in my home. I’m thankful for it. And I’m thankful for the opportunities Wyatt has brought to my family.

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