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All sessions are at the Spaulding address or by video through Telehealth 

50 Minutes


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Individuals (18+): Individual therapy is a safe and supportive space where you can explore your subjective reality, with your innermost thoughts and feelings. While we may share similar experiences, you are the expert on yourself. My role is to help foster clarity and provide guidance as you navigate the healing process, learn new skills, and explore your innate feelings that come and go. Together, we'll come up with a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.


Individual Therapy

50 Minutes


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Couples: Intimacy is a delicate experience that develops over time and fluctuates as life moves forward. I understand the importance of maintaining a strong connection with your partner, which is why I offer couples therapy to help identify, communicate, and address any patterns of disconnect. With my support, you'll develop the tools and skills needed to maintain a healthy relationship.


Families: A family is a system, much like a machine, with many parts. I offer support for families to better understand and navigate their relationships like parts of their own machine. I work collaboratively with every member of the family, considering their individual needs, to create a healthier and happier family unit. By identifying and working through problem areas, I help you to develop the tools you need to maintain healthy communication and relationships long into the future.


Couples & Family Therapy

Safe, Seen, & Secure Workshop

Saturday workshop for couples!

Fourth Saturday of each month focused on building skills and tools for better connection.

Women's Group

Anxiety and stressors can cause undue pressure. Join the support and learn skills to better adapt and encourage empowerment and flexibility!

Men's Group

Built up anger and frustrations can cause isolation and disconnection. Join the others in learning how to talk about struggles and learn tools to address daily struggles!

Groups & workshops vary with times and have limited seating, so sign up through the link today!

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Group Therapy

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