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All sessions are at the Spaulding address or by video through Telehealth 

50 Minutes


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Individuals (18+): We share similar experiences, but you are the expert on yourself. I am here to foster clarity and support whether you are in the process of healing, wanting to learn new skills, or exploring your innate feelings that come and go.


Individual Therapy

50 Minutes


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Couples: Intimacy is a delicate experience that is developed over time and fluctuates as life moves forward. Relationships also fluctuate and it can be difficult to identify, communicate, or maintain your connection. I work to support the relationship develop the tools and skills needed to address disconnect and patterns that just are not working.


Families: Families are often seen as a unit that has many complexities involved just as the many intricacies of an individual person may have. With this in mind, families have "systems" within their relationships that are both unique and dependent on each person maintaining these relationships to function effectively and happily. I provide the opportunity to look at the system as a whole and as unique relationships to better understand what needs and wants are not being met, as well as supporting you while you develop and integrate new practices into your family dynamic.


Couples & Family Therapy

Seasonal Stress Group

$30 per person/per group

($20 with valid student ID)

Women's Group

Details coming soon!

Men's Group

Details coming soon!

Groups are every Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 6pm until 7:30pm and have limited seating, so sign up through the link today!

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Group Therapy

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